A great way to discover DAVROE in Travel sizes Delivered to you in a LUXE In a Vegan Pleather Quilted Cosmetics bag


I would just like to say how wonderful i think your products are! I have extreme curly FRIZZY hair that i have straightened for years and it was so damaged until i cut half of it off and started using davroe repair and treatments.  7 months on and my hair is healthy and strong i can’t believe it!  Thank you so much for this great product


Recently I discovered your products and as an animal advocate, I applaud you for your range which doesn’t cause unnecessary pain to animals.  I often help my hair’s colour with henna and have found your Colour Senses and Moisture Senses are brilliant at keeping it soft and manageable.


’d just like to say how amazing your products are, I love them.

They do wonders for me! Nothing else seems to work as well, which is why I’m so grateful for your products.

They leave me looking flawless and at best everytime.


Replenish is the best treatment ever, I use it once a week and it just makes you hair feel so good and so soft and repaired and it smells divine, it is definitely a must have.


For 3 years I have had a very flaky itchy scalp that has driven me in sane and I developed this problem with my scalp after using another all natural organic shampoo and conditioner.

You name it I tried it to help me scalp but nothing worked. From health food to chemist products nothing got rid of my itchy flaky scalp. Until I started using your anti dandruff shampoo for past few weeks and OMG I finally have a clear scalp with next to no itchy or flakes.

I cant thank you enough for saving my scalp.


Hi Davroe! Would just like to say how amazing your products are! I have been searching for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my blonde hair for years and I am so glad I finally found you!

The products are so affordable and leave my hair feeling amazing and actually clean and healthy every time! And bonus that it is all Australian owned and made! No animal testing and no nasty chemical.


I probably could not rave more about this product if I tried. The smell, the texture, the way my hair feels! It’s a dream come true. This will be a staple in my beach bag for sure, and I’m probably going to cry when it runs out (luckily my hair is short, so it should be a long way off).


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