DAVROE Our New Look: Senses Range

As you’ll have noticed by now, your favourite Davroe product officially has a brand-new look!

Over the next month we’ll be showing you what’s changed, what’s stayed the same and what you should be looking out for to ensure you can continue to love our amazing products.

Our new packaging has taken on a vibrant style of neutral colours, our bottles are now all one colour with small differential factors. Today we’ll be talking to you about our Senses Range, that is comprised of shampoos and conditioners.

You’ll notice our Senses Range is now a beautiful taupe bottle with each different sense using a different colour for the small details on the bottle. Your conditioner used to have a grey lid, but now it simply has a coloured disc on top of the lid. We have also changed the style of the lid to a disc top cap to make it easier to open when you’re in the shower!

You can tell which shampoo and conditioner you are using a few different ways, the ‘vegan friendly’ circle on the front of the bottle and the top of the lid of the conditioners are the same colours you’re already used to. For example, if you were using ‘smooth’ in the blue bottle before, now you will be looking for the blue circle on the front of your bottles and the blue top on the conditioner bottle. In addition to this, you can also find the name written on the front of the bottles.

We have also removed all wheat proteins from our products and added Rice and Quinoa proteins instead. Why the change? To make them more nourishing! Rice and Quinoa proteins work to help repair, strengthen and protect the hair, from the inside out.

Keep an eye on our socials to find out when our new packaging launches, but for now you can still purchase your favourite Davroe products here!

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