Blonde Senses Toning Shampoo

Blonde Senses Toning Shampoo

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neutralises yellow brassy tones

  • Neutralises yellow brassy tones, brightens and tones but won’t overtone

Remove unwanted brassy tones on blonde or grey hair with the Blonde Senses Toning Range

Ideal for maintaining blonde or grey hair, removing unwanted brassy yellow tones. Includes Rice Proteins and Wheat Amino Acids to strengthen and protect the hair.

Contains our unique plant-based UV PROTECT COMPLEX™ – reducing premature color fade.

Fragranced with the unforgettable natural aroma of Vanilla Violet.

Natures Active: Violet

Davroe Senses is a unique collection of SULPHATE FREE hair wellness products offering the benefits of natural, botanical ingredients combined with the latest well-being technology.


When combined with water, Davroe Senses releases their pure natural aromas for an invigorating sensory experience.

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